Young Americans are an enlightened lot. Deeply concerned, they are protesting against Israel’s disproportionate retribution. As they embrace pro-Palestinian rights activism, they are creating today a narrative which can swing the 2024 presidential polls against president Joe Biden. Young Americans are agitated and Mr Biden is feeling jittery. As his unqualified support for Israel incurs the displeasure of American youth, his lack of interest in peace-making and silence on the two-state solution are making him unpopular with them. This is no small matter and Mr Biden is rightly worried.

Upset about the Harshness

Young Americans are confused about Mr Biden’s limitless support for a nation that is killing innocent civilians in Gaza in large numbers. They are angry too. Inevitably, Mr Biden’s popularity ratings among young Americans are on a slide. In a recent poll, fewer than 25 per cent of them said they were okay with Mr Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza. This is certainly worrying Mr Biden as young Americans propelled the Democrats to decent wins in 2020 and 2022.

Mr Biden has more than enough to worry about now. A recent YouGov survey of young Americans reveals how more than a third of them are getting upset about the undue ‘harshness’ of Israel and its retribution for Hamas’s attack on October 7th. Young Americans see Israel bombing schools, relief camps, hospitals and civilians in Gaza as war crimes. America’s young people are sensitive enough to understand why Mr Biden’s interests are embedded in backing Israel to the hilt, and not in peace-making or in a two-state solution.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/PBS NewsHour

Right-Wing Trumpians’ Possible Entry

As right to human life is blown to smithereens by inhuman bombs in Gaza, it is young Americans who feel more saddened today. The despondent American teenagers and their pointed questions are undoubtedly hurting Mr Biden’s image today, even as he readies his re-election bid. As young Americans insist on viewing the war in Gaza as a human issue, a question of life and death, cracks are beginning to develop in Mr Biden’s carefully-cultivated image.

This nurtured image is set for suffering more blows in the days ahead. Mr Biden may not agree with the views of young Americans. He may not endorse their concept that expects America to back both Israel and Palestine equally. This is quite possible as Mr Biden is incorrigibly pro-Israel. His political tilt and his ideological bias may cost him his presidency in 2024. Such a possibility is highly dangerous for America. Clearly, Mr Biden’s exit will facilitate the re-entry of right-wing Trumpians.

The Influence of War-Crime Videos

Are there any more reasons behind young American’s disenchantment with Mr Biden? What is behind his narrowing leads over Donald Trump in battleground states? Why is Mr Biden not able to connect with young Americans and convince them about how praiseworthy he was? Answers for all these probing posers is one. Young Americans are annoyed about chaos rising in American society. They are more concerned with unabating conflicts in violated regions. Blatant breaches of human rights by unlawful aggressors in those regions are tormenting them.

Such is their disenchantment that even write-offs of $127bn in student debt by Mr Biden’s administration are not convincing young Americans to play footsie with the president. As impressionable young Americans get influenced instantly by war-crime videos, they are forming their own opinions about what is right, just, ethical and moral. Remember, it was young Americans who were outraged by the killing of George Floyd.

A Rare Moment in American Politics

Young Americans’ outrage over what they see as wrong is intensifying as they watch the one-sided war unfold in Gaza. Though they are agitated over Israel’s inhuman bombing of civilian targets in Gaza, they do not hesitate to condemn Hamas for their acts of barbarism on October 7th. Young Americans are more righteous than what the world thinks they are. As their sympathies are equally divided between Israelis and Palestinians, one-sided and pro-Israel Biden is in trouble now.

This is a rare moment in American politics. Free and fair young Americans are galvanising all justice-seekers into registering their protest against human-rights violations in Gaza, despite American administration’s biases. Despite politicians like Mr Biden and Mr Trump, the ideals of liberal young Americans hold great promise for the masses, perhaps for the global citizens. Young Americans are sure the time to make this happen is now. This is why politicians like Mr Biden are jittery.

Not Buying the Foolish Argument

They are more jittery because the 2024 presidential campaign is on. What makes this a watertight case for young Americans is their unqualified support for independent middle-of-the-road candidates like Robert F Kennedy Jr and Cornel West. Liberal, in the classical sense of the term, young Americans shun both dithering Democrats and toxic Republicans. However, Bidenites argue that their leader is poll-friendly and holds competitive edge in presidential elections. Enlightened young Americans are not buying this argument.

Meanwhile, a tangible worry is haunting America’s youth. In early polls, Donald Trump has taken significant lead over Mr Biden, while the latter’s approval ratings are stuck in the mire. American youth is adamant on choosing for American presidency someone who sees eye to eye with them on value-based issues such as democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and rule of law. These enduring American values are their basic criteria for being America’s president.

The Poliphoon’s Last Word

As red alerts flash non-stop, Mr Biden will soon bury his face in his palms. To escape political extinction, he should enlist the support of students at once. Sure, even in 2020, young American students backed Mr Biden as they liked his democratic values. Dithering Democrats need to strike the right chord of values among young Americans. To translate this into reality, Mr Biden needs to demonstrate equal respect for the rights of both Jews and Palestinians. Mr Biden does not seem to be doing this. Do not be surprised if he continues to be in jitters for longer.