Politics has a nasty tendency to trespass even on humanitarian relief. This is why the fast-precipitating miseries of civilians in Gaza are acquiring a new tragic dimension. As hapless Gazans fight their daily battles of survival for water, bread and essential drugs, the relief-responsible Israel, the terrorist Hamas, the Gaza-managing Palestinian Administrative Authority and the United Nations are all merrily playing a madly sickening blame game.

Politics of Vitriol is Brewing

As these nonchalant personae dramatis play a game of pass-the-parcel, Gaza’s civilians see no hope for an end to their miseries. Amid attacks from Israeli shells, bombs and rockets, Gazans are risking their lives to find food and water, wherever they are and whoever has them. Rationed Aid Distribution is proving to be an inadequate gesture that cannot end Gazans’ scavenging agonies. For over 2m Gazans, even free goods like water could cost them their lives.

Why politics over providing basic relief to dying Gazans? Embattled Gazans are spending sleepless nights, more because of the creeping fear of being bombed in sleep. It is now more than 30 days since the onset of the Hamas-Israel war. Yet, no respite is in sight. Nor Gazans are free from Israeli attacks in the so-called ‘safe’ southern Gaza. Politics of vitriol continues to brew over Gazans’ relief and rehabilitation.

Video Courtesy: Youtube/NBC News

Tragedy Lies on the Flip Side

The United Nations is blaming Israel for scorching the earth, not only for Hamas, even for the civilians of Gaza, by depriving them of water, food and medicines. The world body is pointing fingers at Israeli Defence Forces for shelling even hospitals and relief camps. However, Israel is insisting that Gaza has enough supplies of all basic necessities, including vital medicines. Israel is citing its act of allowing free aid for Gaza on October 21st as proof of its non-existent ‘humanitarian’ side.

The tragedy however lies on the flip side of this argument. Israel does not seem to appreciate that its ‘humanitarian’ act is of no use when shells are dropping all around. Gazans are not able to stir out to fetch food, only for the fear being killed by a random dropping shell. They are not manna from heaven. Perhaps, Gazans can move out and hunt for food only in the dead of the night, when Israeli shelling takes a brief break. But then, that will be too late in the day for foraging.

Cut Through the Clutter of Blames

Wallowing in the miserable muck, gathered during a war, Gazans are withering and wasting away from dust, disease and dehydration. Whether it is the worst-hit northern Gaza or the sheltered and safe southern Gaza, the story is more or less the same. As aid reaching southern Gaza is hampered by the fast-spreading war, even human passage to the safe south is in peril. Escape from dropping bombs and splintering shells is now impossible in Gaza, north or south.

Who is to be blamed for Gaza’s miseries? The United Nations says it is Israel. Israel says it is Hamas that started it all on October 7th. And Hamas blames the United Nations, more than it accuses Israel. Hamas is red with anger at the world body’s ineptitude in making adequate aid reach Gaza. Cut through this clutter of blames and counter-blames, it will not be hard to see that all the three wartime actors are to be blamed, perhaps in varying degrees.

Bibi is not Keen on a Ceasefire

Anyone with a fair sense of justice, and any scribe with freedom to do objective neutral reporting, is sure to be killed in Gaza. In such a life-threatening situation, wherein the sword of death hangs above, will anyone have the time and the tendency to play politics? Relentlessly shelled Gazans have neither the energy nor the will for politicising their miseries. However, the trio on the war stage, which has a responsibility towards Gaza and its civilians, is playing politics.

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, aka Bibi, vowed on October 7th that he has a “clear goal of destroying Hamas’s military and governing capabilities.” Bibi’s other goal was to free Israeli hostages held by Hamas. As flames of vengeance consume all his senses, Mr Netanyahu is not keen on a ceasefire. It seems he will not stop until he wipes out Hamas totally and demilitarises Gaza.

The Doublespeak is Harming Peace

Anguished meanwhile, the United Nations has called for immediate ceasefire and unconditional release of hostages. This stingless call is not enough. After all, the call sounds like the world body is backing now Israel and blaming Hamas. This doublespeak or ambiguity is harming the cause of global peace, more than what the Hamas-Israel conflict is doing. Isn’t the United Nations responsible for keeping the Rafah crossing into Egypt open round the clock, 24X7 and 365 days? The United Nations is not answering.

The Poliphoon’s Last Word

The United Nations need to accept the blame. Not only for failing to ensure the crossing remains open always, but also for not facilitating the exit of more Gazans, including all expatriates. The world body should now ensure the speedy arrival of essential supplies at Gazans’ doorsteps. Post-hostilities, the Rafah crossing has turned into a global humanitarian corridor. The crossing is now not a property of any country. Politics over Gaza’s miseries is cruel. If unchecked, it will prove to be catastrophic for all.