Donald Trump becomes the first American president to be indicted for a third time. Indicted again on August 1st, Mr Trump has been accused of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election, which he had lost. He is charged now on four counts: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, Obstruction and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding and Conspiracy against rights. The charges are serious enough to invite an indictment.

The Unnamed and the Unindicted

The 45-page indictment document says Mr Trump spread lies to convince Americans that he had won. The document makes sweeping allegations with details. The alleged conspiracy of Mr Trump includes an attempt to convince former vice-president Mike Pence into believing that the outcome of the election was in doubt. Mr Pence was influenced by Mr Trump to reject Joe Biden’s votes and prevent certification of his electoral win. This was done with malafide intentions.

The indictment goes on to say that when this attempt failed, Mr Trump launched the January 6th Capitol attack. The document suggests the collusion of six other unnamed and unindicted co-conspirators. Who are these six? Possibly, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, attorney and conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell, lawyer John Eastman, appellate attorney Kenneth Chesebro and the former Justice Department employee Jeffrey Clark. what-to-know-about-the-six-co-conspirators-in-trumps- indictment/

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Nothing But Irrational Impudence

Primarily, the indictment flows from Trump’s refusal to accept his loss in the presidential polls. The indictment gets steelier by Mr Trump’s subsequent incitement of his subversive supporters on January 6th 2021. The incitement was aimed at stopping congressional certification of Mr Biden’s win. The unrest led to the arrests of over 1,000, besides seven deaths. Mr Trump is also facing charges for an alleged hush-money scheme and-the-storm-after/ and mishandling of classified documents.

Unfazed, Mr Trump lost no time in saying the indictments are “nothing more than the latest corrupt chapter in the continued pathetic attempt by the Biden Crime Family.” This is sheer hubris. As this third indictment has the potential to unleash a host of head-splitting problems for Mr Trump and his proposed presidential primaries, Mr Trump’s clumsy attempt at putting up a brave straight face is nothing but irrational impudence. indictment-hunter-biden.html

Busy Legal Year Ahead

The head-splitting problems on their way are many. If convicted on all counts, Mr Trump could spend decades behind bars, besides coughing up federal penalties. However, this indictment would not stop him from hopping on to the presidential poll bandwagon. Usually, it is very hard for a Republican with multiple indictments to get the nomination. Yet, Mr Trump may secure the nomination, as he is different from other Republicans. many-fronts/

These theories prove Mr Trump will have a busy legal year ahead in 2024. Trial in the Stormy Daniels case will kick off in March 2024 and in the classified documents case in May 2024. As the Iowa caucuses, the opening salvos in the Republican race for 2024, are slated for January, the year ahead will surely be hectic for Mr Trump. Indictments will neither disqualify him from office nor stop him from running for presidency again. d-trump-legal-schedule-2024-election-campaign- conflicts/70499150007/

Celebrations are Premature

If convicted, Mr Trump may be targeted by lawsuits that would attempt to disqualify him under the 14th amendment. Yet, the Congress can override this disqualification, provided it gets a two-third majority vote. Moreover, the Republican Party may not nominate Mr Trump, who has been indicted thrice. As the indictment moves along the road laid down by January 6th House Committee, the path ahead is filled with thorns. The road to democracy is not filled with roses.

As foreseen, protagonists of democracy in America are jubilant. They claim the indictment is triumph for rule of law. However, their celebrations are premature as America’s election system is too complex to get fortified, thanks to threats from Mr Trump and his mob. These disruptors continue to populate the democratic landscape in America. Despite this support base, Mr Trump’s legal troubles are sure to pick up speed soon. Without doubt, Mr Trump faces the prospect of delicious ignominy on his presidential poll plate. takeaways-from-trumps-indictment-over-us-election-defeat

Will Question the Insurrection Act

Worryingly for Mr Trump, the indictment is a poor reflection on him and his co-conspirators that they indulged in post-poll violence, despite knowing well it would lead to violence. Yet, the Republicans felt they had to incite violence to reach their goals of subverting American democracy and re-installing Mr Trump. An alert Trump must be preparing now to question the inefficiencies in the Insurrection Act, as and when he will be questioned over the Capitol Hill riots. features/donald-trump-jeff-clark-insurrection-act-2020-election- 1234799199/

Tragically for Mr Trump, the ploy will not work, as usual. Running over 45 pages, the indictment brought on by the special counsel Jack Smith is quite blunt. The details in it are elaborate. Much to the discomfiture of Mr Trump, the indictment document reveals, in its blow-by-blow narration, how Mr Trump and his backers propagated fake allegations of election fraud and tried their best to stop election certification.

Beyond his First-Amendment Right

Though this is Mr Trump’s third indictment, it assumes great significance as it is different from the other two. While the two previous indictments were about his personal conduct – a sex scandal and the wrongful handling of classified documents – this indictment is about democracy and the approaching presidential election. For Americans, who value Jeffersonian ideals over everything else, this indictment is a resounding slap on insidious subverters of democracy.

Moreover, Mr Trump’s subversive attempts to reverse the results of the presidential poll go well beyond his First-Amendment right to claim voter fraud. As this indictment details the former president’s efforts to use government apparatus, including the Justice Department, to cling on to power, it is a slap across Mr Trump’s face. The indictment proves beyond doubt that Mr Trump does not believe in smooth transition of power.

The Poliphoon’s Last Word

Essentially, the indictment underscores the paramountcy of smooth transition of power. Yet, America is knocking on the doors of a democratic tragedy. Mr Trump’s political moorings are so strong that indictments will not dent his popularity within his Party. As he remains the accepted face in his Party, he is sure to take a wide-margin lead over others in the primaries. There is only one way out now to ensure the exit of Mr Trump. Convince the Republicans to end Mr Trump’s political career. Indictments will not.