June 11, 2023


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Whose Blood is it Anyway?

As the barbaric junta is desperate to make 2023 the bloodiest year in Myanmar’s history, there is a sudden spike in violence. Anyone caring for the bloodshed?

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The Watery War Crime

As Khersonians flee homes after a dam burst, European militarists point fingers at Russia. If it is not Russia, who is behind the watery war crime?

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Illusion of Victory in Bakhmut

Russia ends its 10-month siege of Bakhmut. While Mr Putin claims the city has fallen, the victory is at best Pyrrhic, even illusory. Is Bakhmut a big bullshit?

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The Syrian Lose-Lose Situation

The Arab League re-admits Syria, 12 years after suspension. Syria’s isolation was a flop. With Mr Assad in power, the re-admission may meet the same fate

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