December 4, 2023


A Conspiracy Theorist for a Change

While Javier Milei gets to govern a nettlesome nation, Argentina gets a conspiracy theorist as president. Bogged down in his theories, Mr Milei will not be able to usher in much-needed economic reforms

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This Wilders Will Not Be Milder

Geert Wilders might have surprised some by winning the Dutch elections. His win is not really surprising, as Europe continues to swing right. A dangerous trend gains further momentum

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Babies Pay for Politics of Gore

As the blame game over the al-Shifa Hospital attack builds up, babies continue to be the victims of bloody politics. This is not a noble war

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The Hysterical Hunt in the Hospital

Israel and Hamas should pause hostilities to allow food, fuel, water and medicines. Had this been done, the hunt would not have been a tragedy

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A Drug Worse than the Disease

Is David Cameron the antidote to Suella Braverman? Rishi Sunak thinks so. He will be sorely disappointed as an ace bungler has been rehabilitated

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The Suella Storm in Sunak’s Stable

Suella Braverman is a ticking time-bomb in Mr Sunak’s stable. Her attack on the police is a trial balloon. She is a serious headache for human rights too

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Politics over Gaza’s Miseries

As Gaza’s miseries stir the world with haunting images and never-before poignancy, petty politics erupts over relief and rehabilitation of Gazans

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