September 30, 2023

Day: May 22, 2022

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A Fractured Emerald

Sri Lanka is on fire. Unquestioned political corruption and unchecked financial perversion did Sri Lanka in. Lessons aplenty here for the rulers and the ruled

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Streaming in and Streaming out

Netflix is on a swift slide downhill. The streaming giant is buffeted by a slew of factors, both within and without. What now for the next season?

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The Elon Ranger

Is Elon Musk regretting his Twitter move? Or, is he borrowing time to make a lower re-offer later? Well, he could be doing now a serious post-deal due diligence

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The Law of Diminishing Web  

Growing internet introvertism threatens to constrict the World Wide Web. Autocrats, fundamentalists and psudo-democrats could hasten the scary process

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