September 30, 2023

Canada/The Justin Trudeau Mess

Failing Justin Trudeau is Jousting

The tiff with India is just a sideshow. As his mainshow at home is filled with failures all around, Justin Trudeau is only jabbing and jousting

Poland-Ukraine/The Arms-Grains Feud

The Pains of Political Posturing

Though the posturing by Poland is for local politics, its move to stop supply of new weapons to Ukraine will have global effects. Posturing has only pains

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Libya/The Haftars and the Floods

Worse than the Floods

While dam-bursts hit Eastern Libya and cause humongous deaths, Libya faces another tragedy worse than the floods. The Haftars are responsible

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Israel/Bibi and the Free Press
Canada-India/The Nijjar Killing
China/Gen Li Shangfu
United Kingdom/Rishi Sunak

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